Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PJ Day

Today was declared PJ day in the Davis household. Eli woke me up WAY too early once again (5:45am) and well since I couldn't fall back asleep by 6:30 we were out of bed starting on our day. I don't usually let Elijah watch TV past 10am, but today, well, he did. In fact today was a TV/Movie kind of day. While I was sorting through paperwork & cleaning out our computer room (which after 8 hours of work still needs work) Eli was entertained by Land Before Time, Dora, Diego, Max & Rudy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Dinosaur Train. Yup...his favorites right now. The best part is, Elijah does play while he watches TV. At one point he was yelling for me to come see his rocket in his room, like Max & Rudy have. I have NO idea what the rocket was, but he showed me his Hess truck Helicopter. It was a good time.

It's official. This is the longest stretch I have had of missing home. Usually I can kick it & only miss home for a day here & there. Well, this time...I've been missing home for almost a week straight. I don't mean just casually missing home. I REALLY miss home. Elijah gave me tissues today to wipe my eyes. He keeps asking me "What's wrong Mommy?" I just tell him I miss home, but the sad thing is, after looking at some pictures of our home in PA with him today...(yes, I know that could be WHY after 8 hours of working in this room I still have work) he said he didn't remember our house in PA. I knew this day would come, I just didn't realize it would be so quick. Oh well. Anyhow...I'm sure I will kick this soon, but to my friends & family...I miss you. I love you & come see me! ;-)

"From Da Got"...This is Eli's version of the word Forgot. If we leave a room & forget something...he will tell me..."Mommy, you from da got ___!" It is too cute. I tell you that today because I think he has said that word more today than any day.

I gave Eli a new book today called "God Found Us You." It is an amazing book about adoption. Mainly about a mommy fox who wanted a baby & prayed & waited knowing that God would give her the right child. Eli & I read it a couple times & he informed me it is his favorite book. So, tomorrow for his Darling Duck of the Week time he is taking that book in, along with a couple pictures (one of he & daddy fishing, one with the day he came home & our family now) and he wants to take his frog with him. I am hoping the kids enjoy learning more about him in their circle time!

well...that is all for today. 17 more days until Christmas!

Happy Birthday to my dear Mom! We love you!

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