Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We love the Zoo. Who would've guessed?! Honestly, we have enjoyed each & every trip we have taken to the Zoo. Today, we went with our friends Julie & Garner. It was a great day! The weather was beautiful & they had a Member only "Peek" at a new part of the zoo called the African Forrest. We thoroughly enjoyed that part! The giraffes were Eli & my favorite. It was so much fun. We are looking forward to our next trip.

Our Favorites (for today anyhow)

Elijah & Garner posing with the Sea Lion

My little man loved the drums...my favorite pic of the day!

Other than the zoo there is really not much else to report on today. :-) Although I will tell you...this morning when I woke up it was 35 outside & our house was a chilling 64...so, I actually turned on the heat. Only for a bit. Just to take off the chill. Now it is 70 in here. No more heat for tonight. Tomorrow morning may be a different story. Although since we will be home tomorrow we may just light the fire for a while. :-)

Oh, almost forgot...Scoot...Oh my goodness...He was in the kitchen today on the blinds & this evening I noticed he was falling. So, I thought Eli wasn't paying attention & I went over to "help" him back up. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Eli yelled at me..."MOMMY, YOU TOOK AWAY THE CHRISTMAS MAGIC!" Hahahahaha. I quickly thought & said, oh, Scoot had to tell Mommy something, cause remember he can talk to adults?! Phew...that was close!

Okay...so...Happy Birthday to my sister Joyce. We love you.

18 more days until Christmas! Woo Hoo!!!

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