Monday, December 6, 2010

Go Faster!

Elijah's latest saying to us (either Dan or I) while we are driving is Go Faster! Today on our way home from school he told me, "Go faster Mommy, beat that car!" My child is obsessed with racing! I think he must get this from Pappa Rexroth! :-) We tell him that we are going the speed limit & he just tells us, well, go faster. Can't help but laugh. The fun we have!

Tonight while eating dinner Elijah told me that Texas is a long story,'s fun in Texas. That made me laugh. I asked him if he was talking about the trip. He just smiled & said, it's a long ride mommy. Oh yes was a long drive, but we are here. He just smiled. "I like Texas," he said. It's in those moments that I'm so happy to be here.

Also at veggie eating boy wanted tomatoes. We have some cherry tomatoes & Eli was so cute. He told me he wanted to make them splash. I (having had to clean a stain from a brand new shirt last night-yes mom I DID IT!) told him that he needed to do it in his mouth. So, in all his cuteness he took the tomato & then smiled at me..."I splashed it in my mouth mommy!" Ahhhh...I could eat him up in those moments!

Can I just tell you how excited I am for Christmas? Elijah has really started playing with toys more lately. Tonight he was playing with his cars, talking & pretending. Oh what a sight. He was so well behaved again tonight! Praise the Lord! He busted his lip on the playground at school today, but he took it like a champ. It is a little fat & he told me tonight while I was rocking him for bed that he doesn't want to hurt himself any more. His mind is racing all the time.

In speaking of Christmas...what are your opinions on this? My child LOVES slushies or FLUSHIES as he calls them. So, today on our way home from school he asked for a "flushie" so I decided to stop at Sonic. Well, Sonic has happy hour from 2-4 everyday & we were able to get him a slushie for $.50 + tax. So....I'm thinking Sonic gift card for his stocking. What do you think? Too young? LOL?!

Scoot...Eli continues to be amazed with Scoot. Dan & I are loving Scoot & Dan asked me yesterday if Scoot could have 1 day off (Christmas Day) and then reappear the next day to prepare for next year. HAHAHA. I think the novelty would wear off, but it is fun while we are having Scoot around.

One final thing...I received notification that Elijah is the Darling Ducks Student of the Week this week! YAY! So, on Thursday he has to take in a picture of himself & some information & a favorite toy or... So...Mommy is on the look out for creative stuff. I will let you know what we decide! So proud of my little man!

On that note...19 more days until Christmas!

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