Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap

What a weekend! Dan has been home for the weekend which has definitely been a God send. By Friday night I was so exhausted within 20 minutes of Dan coming home I was in bed. I slept so well on Friday night. Friday, I had done some cleaning in our bedroom (one of the rooms that still isn't complete) and well, let's just say the dust got to me. I knew going to bed that my sinuses were going to be a problem on Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day. I was awakened to my husband ripping the house apart on the outside of our bedroom. We found out within the first month of living here that we had a leak. Well, Dan had tried to fix it a few weeks ago, but it didn't work, so this weekend he decided to go deeper. After taking apart the outside he found a leak in the pipe for the outside faucet. Thus...getting the wall & our bedroom floor wet. Thankfully Dan was home this weekend & it was a GORGEOUS 80 degrees out so he was able to get it fixed. Elijah worked with him outside & ran errands with him to the hardware store & as the men got it fixed, I enjoyed some shopping. I have decided that I miss shopping with people. I broke down in tears a couple times in the stores. I really wanted my mom, sisters, nieces etc with me. It was lonely. I think that is when I struggle the most. While I was out shopping I started to feel horrible. By the time of my last stop (the grocery) I was feeling awful. I was so glad to get out of there. When I got home Dan was almost finished with the outside. It was an all day affair & we are praying that it works. Since it was so nice out hamburgers on the grill was the perfect dinner. So, while we ate we all sat together watching Polar Express. Elijah was so cute. He had to shut off all the lights (he wanted the tree lights off too) because he wanted us to watch it like the "theatre!" It was nice being able to watch that movie together. It was my & Eli's first time seeing it.

Throughout the night last night Elijah joined us in our bed. I'm not sure that either one of us even realized it. In fact, Dan said that he didn't know until he rolled over & felt a foot on his hand. Here, Eli had crawled down between us to the bottom of the bed. Scary thing is we didn't even know. I think we were both tired (or it could've been the NyQuil I took before I went to bed). Eli goes through spurts. Last night we let him stay up past his bedtime & thought he would sleep...Didn't happen. Silly us.

Today...2nd Sunday of Advent. Last week the first candle for Hope was lit. We learned to Worship Fully. This week, the 2nd candle for Peace & we were encouraged to Spend Less. Do you know that on average Americans spend $450 Billion on Christmas? You know what is frightening about that? $10 Billion would provide the remaining part of the world with clean drinking water (the places that don't have) & would in return save lives. Can you imagine? All I can say is wow. Today's message focused on worship more, spend less. Jesus is NOT impressed with any earthly kingdom & neither should we be. Pastor Doug reminded us of King Herod. Now, all the earthly buildings he had are in ruins. It's not about the stuff. It's about our relationship with our savior!

Scoot has still been exciting. Today he was in Eli's room & Elijah was soooo excited to show me this morning when I got up. Tonight he told us that there are 2 Santa's. I'm not sure what he is meaning by that, but it is cute to listen to him talk. Dan has my gifts under the tree already so Eli is really getting excited for Christmas. He continues to say that Santa is going to bring him a big truck to ride on. We are so excited to see his face Christmas morning with the Jeep. I can't wait! Eli was with me when I bought one of Dan's presents & well...Eli told Daddy today we got you a cool...& I interrupted him & told him NO...don't tell. I think the cat may already be out of the bag. It's cute though, but hmmm....I don't think I can have him with me. LOL.

Well...20 more days until Christmas! Enjoy your time. Worship More, Spend Less!

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