Friday, January 21, 2011

Smile Anyhow

Sometimes things in life get you down.  Sometimes things are just irritating.  For me, that is weight.  I am trying so hard to follow the Weight Watchers plan & this past week I did great!  I followed it to the T.  I enjoyed making new recipes & even finally got back into my running routine which has been wonderful!  So, today was the big weigh in day.  Well, not so great for me.  I actually gained weight.  Ugh.  Frustrating.  Well, thankfully, I planned my menu yesterday, so I have a good plan for the week & I intend to follow it.  I will smile anyhow & try to enjoy my journey.  I did receive my gym membership in the mail today, so I will be going Monday to join & get started there!  YAY!!!

Dan is home for the weekend!  This is the 2nd weekend in a row.  I am so excited to have him here.  I know that I can't count on this all the time, so I will enjoy the time we get.  One great thing is that our church is having their "getting to know the church" class this weekend, so that means that Dan & I will finally be able to participate!  That was great news for us!  I know we both are just so blessed by our Church family.

Elijah is so excited to have Daddy home.  He has been doing really well for me, however, this full moon cycle has definitely put him into a crazy spin.  I try to keep him busy during these times as he has a way of having enough energy for 10 kids.  No joke.  One thing about him lately is he repeats stuff that he is saying to me.  Over & over & over & over...get the idea?  for example....if he sees an airplane, he will tell me, "Mommy, I see an Airplane, Mommy, airplane, Mommy, airplane!"  No kidding he will say it continually until I acknowledge him.  It is really annoying.  Kids.  gotta love them!

One final thing for tonight...God always wins.  God impressed on Dan & I to do something and I have to be honest, for a couple days I thought about what I could selfishly do with that money.  Well, God continued to make it evidently clear what we were to do.  You know what?!  We made the appropriate contact & ended up being a blessing to a family.  God is Awesome!  Ultimately in the long run, our family is the one that is being blessed. 

Through it all, I have decided today that I am going to smile anyhow!

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