Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13

Dogs.  Who knew?!  I am thankful for our puppies.  They are sweet.  They love unconditionally and for the most part, they put up with Elijah's craziness!  Last November we welcomed Kylie Cocoa into our lives and in March we adopted Sassy Lovey.  Both pups named by Eli.  I have never been a dog person really, but I fell in love with a dog that showed up at our house in Oct and after a long mess we couldn't have that dog because it was someone else's.  Now, we have our pups.  They are both good.  They play together just like sister's.  They love us.  We love them.  Simple.  Eli would love to add about 2 or more cats to our mix and a few more pets if he could, but for now...I'm thankful for the 2 puppies that we have.  Life is good. 

Sassy & Kylie

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