Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 of Thankfulness

I must start this out by saying that my post my "items" of thanksgiving are in NO particular order.  I simply am thankful for so much that I want to enjoy each moment of this.

However, today, is for 2 special people in my life.  My parents.  They have been amazing rocks in my world.  Did they make mistakes?  Sure they did *at least in my teenage eyes*, however, I am SO thankful that God chose them to be my mom and dad.  I have learned so much from them.  Their faithfulness to God and to each other for starters.  I grew up knowing that no matter what they loved me & God loved me.  What an amazing comfort!  I have so many amazing memories.  I remember going to Agway with my Dad to pick up the feed for the cows.  I remember working in the garden picking potato bugs off the plants for what seemed like HOURS.  I remember getting up early on Saturday morning to go to the farmer's market, just so I could have home made ice cream.  I remember my mom going to nursing school so she could do something she loved by helping others.  I remember mom cooking enough food to feed all of us plus visitors.  I remember and KNOW that my Dad ALWAYS kissed my mom before leaving the house & before they went to bed.  I remember and KNOW that my Mom respected my Dad as the head of the household & even if she didn't 100% agree she would talk to him about it in private, but have a united front for us.  I know my parents learned throughout the years *and phew, I'm thankful I was #7* (WAIT?!, did I just admit that I was slightly spoiled & got away with a little more than the other 6?!, Nah!! ;) )!  I watch my parents love on people that didn't give them love in return.  I watched my parents be missionaries and help others in need, even when they didn't have.  I watched my parents be hurt, but still stand strong for the Lord.  I am so thankful that through it all they loved Jesus more and more.  They didn't give up just because things got difficult.  My dad, who dropped out of school in the 8th grade, completed 20 years in the Air Force & followed God, got out of the military & started a church in Shippensburg, PA.  Meanwhile, my mom went from having a beautiful home & gave it up for a torn up farm house.  They barely made ends meet, but my Dad, went to college.  Got his degree (with 7 kids).  Started teaching school (while Pastoring & Farming), went on to receive his Masters degree.  My mom dealt with us kids, they became Grandparents while still parents of young children, my mom got a degree & life was a ride.

So, through it, I'm thankful.  I could go on & on & on about them & what I've learned and saw from them, but know this....I have amazing parents.  They are always there for us.  They love us despite our short comings.  They don't judge us when we fail over & over again.  They help us when we need it & ask for it and keep their opinions to themselves when we don't ask for them.  I am truly thankful God picked them for my parents.  Love you mom & dad!!!

All 7 of us with Mom & Dad.  They are still in love!

Eli loves his Pap-pa!

Eli also loves his Mam-ma *she spoils him a LOT!


  1. I lvoe these 3 pics!
    Ths is the first time I read on this since you started your plogs on the 1st! I will have to look in every day!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Love nad miss you!!!