Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 5

12 years ago God brought someone pretty amazing into my life.  My husband.  I am very thankful for him.  Although I thought he was a bit "smothery" and maybe even a bit psycho (since he told me on our first date he was going to marry me), I am very thankful for him. 

Since our first date to present day, life has been a roller coaster.  He has willingly stayed on the train for every ride.  Through the loops, the twists, turns, blocks, breakdowns, false starts, restarts, and any other issue along the way, he has been there.  Yup, I've decided it takes a special man to live with me.  LOL.  The great thing is, I think he would still marry me again today knowing everything we have been thru.  (Does that sound a bit egotistical of me?! Ha)

I am really thankful for Dan.  He keeps me in check.  God knew I didn't need a worrier as a spouse, I have that handled for both of us.  He is an amazing Daddy.  Although we may sometimes disagree with discipline etc..., he really is in love with his son.  The greatest thing about Dan?!  He loves God.  He wants to serve Him to the best of his ability.  He desires to live his life in such a way that God would be pleased with him.  How awesome is that?!  I think it's Hot!  I love that Dan works hard to take care of us.  Although his current position may not be the most glamorous, having to be away from us so much, he does it.  He doesn't complain about it.  He goes and even when he is away, he listens to me wine.  Something else that is pretty cool about Dan?  He loves leftovers & will eat pretty much anything.  Not a picky eater at all!  If all I want to make is eggs for dinner, he is down with that.  If I don't want to have anything but soup, he is cool with that too.  Ok, that is pretty nice!  Pre-Texas, He was the cook of the house.  Now, he has endured some interesting meals and I'm so thankful he isn't picky. 

So, at the end of this day, I could say so much more, but I am thankful for my husband.  The man God brought into my life in August of 2000 & allowed me to marry in May of 2001.  I'm thankful for the man that God allowed to be a daddy in 2007 and that I could share those moments with him. 

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