Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanks Day 6

Cooking.  When we lived in PA I didn't cook.  Dan did.  Mostly because he got home before I did, but honestly it was more because I didn't know how.  I could cook a few basic items....eggs, pasta, grilled cheese, you know, the basics!  Anything too involved...NO WAY.  Then, I fell in love with a product named Tastefully Simple.  They had things I could actually do (when I had to).  The great thing is, I brought a good bit with me when I moved to Texas.  Good thing too, because I had to cook!  AHHHHH.....

Well, since then, let me tell you, Tastefully Simple has helped me in a tremendous way.  I have started to cook.  Actually cook.  I use T.S. spices in a lot of my foods.  I love this stuff!  So, after many years of using the products, and many years of thinking about selling it...I am doing it!

Yup, I'm a new consultant for Tastefully Simple.  Check out my website at www.tastefullysimple.com/web/bdavis6 and shop for some groceries.  Check out the recipes and order the supplies you need to make a simply delicious meal at home!

So at the end of this day as I prepare to have my Blast Off Party this Friday & Saturday, I am so thankful for Tastefully Simple & this opportunity!  Join me on my adventure!!!!

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