Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 15

This Saturday is National Adoption Day.  November 17, 2012.  This day is an effort to make awareness of more than the 100,000 children in foster care awaiting adoption.  On average this week (celebrated in every state, Puerto Rico & Guam) typically a one day event, around 40,000 children will come home permanently to their forever homes.  (info taken from

So, this is National Adoption Month.  This Saturday is National Adoption Day.  I am thankful for my son!  Elijah has been an amazing blessing in our life.  Although we didn't obtain him from foster care of get to participate in National Adoption Day, I am so thankful that USA celebrates that!!! 

My little man came home with us on June 22, 2007.  All we had that day was 1 baby boy outfit that we trusted God to fill.  He did just that.  I am so thankful for this blessing.  For those of you who may not know our adoption story I will have to tell it someday, but long story short...we were blessed with a 2 day old, precious baby boy.  Took him home from the hospital and enjoyed every moment of it.  We were blessed with many people helping & giving.  Our life has NEVER been the same since, thankfully.  On March 25, 2008 we went to court for the finalization of his adoption, so that is the day we celebrate as our "Gotcha" day, since that was the day he "legally" became ours. 

As I went to Eli's preschool today to celebrate Thanksgiving with him, it was a blessing because his class has at least 4 children who are adopted.  What an amazing gift.  I am thankful he has that bond with them. 

So, Eli keeps us smiling, laughing and sometimes crying, but overall, our lives are incredibly blessed.  I am so thankful for the morning boy that he is *even though I am NOT a morning person*.  I am so thankful for the energy he has *let me tell you he has a TON*!  I am thankful for the screams, for the tormenting, for the good moments, for the bad moments.  I am thankful for the memories we are  making from day to day.  I am thankful for Elijah Dylaun.  I am thankful for his personality.  For his loving heart and for the way he looks at me when he knows he did something wrong.  I can't get enough of him.  Good or bad, my little man will always have my heart. 

So, today & everyday, I am thankful for Eli!

Our 'first' family picture.  The night we brought Eli home.  6/22/07

Our precious baby boy on night #1

Gotcha Day!  3/25/08--We went to lunch after court to celebrate

Gotcha day evening....

2nd birthday...6/20/09

Current...10/2012--our 5 year old little man!
Today--at Eli's school Thanksgiving

Today--my independent little man

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