Sunday, November 6, 2016

Adoption Journey Part 3

2007---We were hopeful.  Yet, we knew that our journey hadn't been long, in terms of being in the wait.

End of January, beginning of February we went with my family member to meet a potential birth mom and her boys. I was so nervous.  I remember on the drive to her place all these thoughts were going through my head.  All I could do was pray.  Pray that she saw me for me.  Pray that she felt peace.  Pray that it went well.  I.WAS.TERRIFIED!  To be honest, I tried to put myself in her shoes.  I tried to imagine the nervousness she was feeling, but I couldn't.  I couldn't even fathom it really.  Even though the drive there was only about 15 mins, it felt like it took for-ever!  I remember shaking when we arrived.  I didn't want to make a bad impression.  I really wanted her to love us.

The meeting----it was great.  We met her and her boys, and some of her family.  OH MY GOODNESS, her boys were adorable!!!!!!!  We talked for quite a while.  She asked us questions, we asked her questions and then....she showed us the ultrasound.  Oh my heart.  I was in love.  I wanted to hold her and tell her so many things that day, but I knew I couldn't.  I knew that this was still just a "potential!"  She felt that we were the ones, but we knew in our hearts that she had a good amount of time to change her mind.

Birth mom and I kept in touch via text messages.  I was so new at this & really had no idea how to handle this.  She was new at this too and so, we were both unsure.  I remember checking in on her to see how she was feeling.  I remember getting a message for her saying "it's a boy!"  You're having a boy.  Oh, I was so happy, but my head wouldn't allow myself to be excited.  There was too much unknown.

Meanwhile....because this was a private adoption & the unknown was so great, we continued our journey with Liberty Godparent Home/Family Life Services.  I started a new job in March, but we had an Adoption Training scheduled in April.  So, my job approved the time and in April, we made our way to Lynchburg, VA.  It was an amazing weekend.  We got to meet the little boy that started our journey & his parents that he had been placed with.  We saw exactly why they had him.  It was a perfect fit.  Only God could've put that pairing together.  It was fantastic!  We learned a lot this weekend.  It was packed with information.  We left feeling more prepared for adoption, yet more terrified too.

May 2007....I lost complete touch with birth mom.  I was unable to reach her via phone.  I knew she was close to her due date, so I was sure it was over.

June 2007....we were contacted by LGH/FLS about a potential adoption.  The only thing we needed to do was have our non refundable deposit in and our "scrapbook" that showed our family & home.  So, let's be honest here....I hadn't even started my book & they would have to have it by Monday and they called us on Friday.  I checked with UPS and FEDEX if we overnighted it on Saturday would it be there & they couldn't guarantee it.  So.....My mom and Sister came to my home and we banged out my book in one night.  Saturday I put the finishing touches on it.  Monday, Dan took off work and my niece road with him to Lynchburg, VA.  4 hrs there....dropped off the book and $2,000 *non-refundable* deposit and then drove the 4 hrs back home.

That was it....we were officially in the "waiting pool!"  Our album would be shown to potential birth mothers.  Our hopes and dreams of becoming parents had taken another step.  We were doing this.

The next weekend we were going to WV for my nephew to get married and it was father's day weekend.  The perfect time to get away!  We had a fantastic time at the wedding and a great time away.  On Father's day I gave Dan a Father's day card telling him to "hang on daddy! I will be here soon!"

I had no idea how true that would be....

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