Monday, November 7, 2016

How do we choose??

Today I wanted to keep the blog short and sweet.

Once you decide to adopt, how do you choose whether to adopt internationally or domestically?


Here's some of my thoughts on this.

First of all....You need to decide what age do you want to adopt.  Do you want a newborn?  Then, domestic adoption is for you.  International adoption will take a little longer for the child to be available for adoption, so the children internationally will be at least 6-12 months of age.  Toddler -Older Children are available internationally.  Domestically, you can also do foster to adopt  which will be a variety of ages.

Travel---Internationally, you need to research what each country requires or work directly with an agency to determine the length of travel or amount of travel required.  This may help you determine if international adoption is for you.  Domestic adoption can also require travel.  If you adopt in a states away from where you live, you may need to fly.  If you choose to adopt close, it makes travel by vehicle possible.  These are things to factor in.

Background--do you want to know medical history?  Domestically you will receive some information through the agency from birth parent(s).  Internationally you are less likely to receive any information of their health history.

Are you single or married?  This could determine where you adopt.  Some international countries will not allow singles to adopt.  This is something to check before you start the process.

How old are you?  Yes, your age could determine where you can adopt from.  Internationally has some strict policies and again, some countries will not let adoptive parents be over a certain age.  Domestically, you may also come into this.  Some agencies have an age cap.  Keep this in mind as you begin your research.

Medically---If you have had any serious medical issues, or mental health issues, be prepared to explain these and obtain written information from a Dr or Dr's in order to adopt either way.

Financially--International adoption requires a certain level of financial stability.  Domestic has various ways to adopt depending on your finances.  Foster to adopt may be your best case scenario, or private adoption.....depending on your financial flow.

Keep in mind if you have any past arrests you will have to get information regarding these.  Also, if you have ever been accused or involved in sexual violence it may limit you from adopting at all.  Be sure to research.

Finally, your religion is something to think about.  You may pick an agency based on this, or a country based on this, but keep this in mind for you, your family & your future child.

Making this decision isn't easy.  Once you decide what path to take, you will need to focus on it.  Take the first step.  You never know until you do.  If you don't walk thru a door it will for sure be closed.

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