Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Okay, so some of you may be thinking, ok Beth, I love these adoption blogs.  I love reading about this National Adoption month, but I'm not going to be adopting.  I am not in that position in my life, for whatever reason that may be.  So, can I do anything about adoption?  Can I help in any way?

Oh, I am so glad you asked!!!!!

So---here are some suggestions.  Watch.  Pray.  Listen.  Support.

Because adoption is costly, sometimes families that are adopting do fundraisers.  I happen to know of one going on right now!

Meet Jacob & Allison Forbes.  They are currently in the journey.  I do not know this lovely couple personally, however, adoption strings pull one another close.  So, I am including her blog and you can read their story.


Also....they are fund raising right now.  They are selling t-shirts that will help support their journey.
Will you join me & buy a shirt????  This will help them out & it is an adorable shirt!

There are 2 different shirts, but the script is the only difference.  

Don't want a t-shirt????  They are also selling Coffee!

No Coffee? How about decor?  Take a look at this fundraiser!!!!

Finally.....Not interested in any of the product, but would love to lend a hand, even if it is just $5?  You can share some love here....

Okay, so I am begging y'all.  Let's show this sweet couple some love.  This journey is tough.  It is hard on many levels and I know, I am asking you during a season of Holidays when money is often tight.  I get it. I do.  But, you will have an impact on the life of a child.  Will you be a part?  

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