Saturday, November 5, 2016

Our Journey Part 2

Once we had decided that adoption was the path we needed to take the next steps were crazy.  First of all we needed to decide where.

1st choice was International or Domestic.  As much as I longed for (and still kind of do) a Filipino child, we decided Domestic was for us.  We then were hit with a barrage of other choices.  We had to decide on an agency and start filling out information.  There is when the paperwork started.

We got information regarding a baby boy who was born with cerebral palsy, but they weren't sure of the extent of it.  We prayed and decided to go for it.  So, in November of 2005, we started filling out paperwork with Liberty Godparent Home - Family Life Services  Since I had graduated from Liberty University in 1997, this place was perfect for us.  We were super excited to start but wow, there was a ton of paperwork.  Pages and pages of it.  But, we filled it out.  We finished it & submitted it.  We soon learned that baby boy had been placed with another family, but we knew that God had a plan.

December 2006, I received a call one evening from a family member.  She worked with someone who had a family member pregnant and was thinking of placing the child for adoption.  My family member wanted to know if we were open to meet birth-mom and speak about adoption.  Of course we were!  For sure.  She told us she would be in touch and we waited.

Here is the deal....the waiting pool is the most difficult position to be in as an adoptive parent.  You see, when a woman gets pregnant, you have 9 months to plan.  For the most part, barring no complications, you know that timeline.  As hopeful adoptive parents, your timeline varies.  Hugely varies.

And so....we were on the path.  We were on the path to adoption, but we were in the wait.  On the biggest wait of our lives.....

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