Monday, November 21, 2016

She's Here!!!

The day went slowly.  It was tough.  That little princess was sure being stubborn.  She did not want to come out!  Dan joined us at the hospital for a while, but had to head home early afternoon to be at the meet the teacher night with Eli.  

We had an amazing staff in the hospital.  Our nurses stuck by our side the entire time.  They were amazing.  

By 5pm she was progressing nicely.  Epidural had been given and we were ready to go.  Dan was with Eli.....awaiting updates and I was getting more and more nervous by the minute.  

At 5:24pm our baby girl arrived!  It was amazing.  Witnessing the birth was amazing!  I was seriously blown away!  Birthmomma did an incredible job.  Seriously it was fantastic!  But, as soon as the baby came, they whisked her to the NICU.  She hadn't cried at all.  I texted Dan and said, she is here.  The nurses escorted me to the NICU even though I was torn and was feeling terrible for leaving birthmom.  But, in the NICU, I was sat down and heard the loudest crash of thunder, followed by seeing a bright rainbow.  Seriously, it was so crazy!  I knew that was God's sign telling me "He has it in His control!"  Just then I heard a slight cry, it honestly sounded like a newborn kitten.  It was a sad, quiet cry, but I was jumping for joy inside and crying outside. 

As one set of nurses were taking care of my baby, another was talking with me getting information.  

What is her name? they asked.  Clara Harmony Davis
they continued to get more information from me & gave me all the NICU details.  Clara was here.  She weighed 6lbs 10.7oz *not bad for being a month early* and was 19 1/4" long. 

But, here is where our toughest journey began.  I will share that info tomorrow, but for now, enjoy some pictures from the first night.  

Remember that Big Brother shirt we bought & prayed over?  Well, HERE IT IS!  PERFECT FIT!  Now, THAT is GOD!  ONLY GOD! (He was SOOO proud to wear it!)

After meet the teacher, Daddy & Eli rushed to the hospital.  This is our very first family picture of 4!!!!!  

Eli is the BEST big brother EVER and I seriously mean the BEST.  We couldn't hold Clara the first night, but Eli put his hand up there & she held on to his finger TIGHT!  INSTANT sibling connection.  From 2 birthmoms, yes, but siblings forever yes!!!  Bound in love, built through adoption and Brought together by God....our family!

Our sweet Clara Harmony.  Her beginnings were rough, but God had it all in His control!

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